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Flashback December 2017

Flashback for the month of December

“Farmer’s Market”

On Wednesday, 6th December 2017, PSI Kindergarten organised an event, “Farmer’s Market.” The children were introduced to different kinds of fruit and vegetables with the help of a classroom display. Different stalls were arranged with fresh fruit, vegetables and juices. In role play, the children performed on a vegetable song.
                     Hi, O, the Dairy -O
                     The farmers plant the seeds…..
The children dressed as farmers, seemed quite amused with this fun packed activity. At the end of the day they were asked to make a drawing of the scene. Each turned 
out to be a delightful piece of artwork to look at, when finished.






An Introductory Session for the French Curriculum

On Saturday, 9th December 2017, another event was held in the school. It was an introductory session for the French Curriculum. Ma’am Ayesha Tanvir gave a detailed account of everything she would be teaching from classes III to VII. The interested parents took part in the activity and asked questions about the different aspects of the curriculum. We hope our efforts to introduce new skills to the children would be appreciated.



To Construct a Play Pen in School, A Grade III Activity

On Monday, 18th December 2017, Grade III was engaged in an enjoyable as well as skilful activity, that was how to construct a play pen at school. Laying bricks, putting gravel and building small walls around the play pen was quite a new experience for our young builders and they participated in it with all the enthusiasm.



Red Day by Nursery

On Thursday, 21st December, 2017, Red Day was celebrated by Nursery. The children painted disposable plates in red colour and made angry birds and apples. There was a Show’ N Tell activity with the stuff they brought from home.

The classroom was looking fabulous as it was decorated with rich art craft, all made in red. Even a big cherry cake was cut and cute little cupcakes in red colour were presented to the children. It was a theme based activity and the goal was achieved quite successfully. In the end, the children had a group photograph to add to their beautiful memories of childhood.



A Tribute to APS Victims

On Friday, 22nd December 2017, PSI commemorated the 2nd anniversary of the APS victims with a heavy heart. With tears in her eyes, Ma’am Ashraf recalled the horrendous incident. The children expressed their grief too and made a solemn resolve to unite against such monstrous acts and join hands together to make a bright, enlightened and strong Pakistan. May the Almighty help us to succeed in our mission.