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Flashback September 2017


Pre-School Welcome Party

 The school reopens in all its glory for the little angels who bring joy to our hearts. They were given a warm welcome by their teachers with dozens of balloons, interesting activities, delicious food and last but not the least, loads of love. The kids were clad in lovely attires  and simply rocked. We hope they enjoyed their very first day as much as we enjoyed looking at their passionate cute little faces. Have a blessed year, little uns!



New O’Level Wing

Alhumdullilah, by the grace of Almighty the school has a new O’Level Wing on the first floor. It has an amazing view, spacious classrooms and a state of the art science lab: complete with a new set of equipment, sure to spark the students’ interest. The disciplined environment allows students to focus on their studies and work hard to achieve better grades. We hope that this change of setting will have a positive influence on the students.



Eid Milan Party

On Monday 11th September 2017, the school hosted an extravagant Eid Milan party. The party took place during an extended break. The highlight of the event was the walk on the ramp, in which students of all classes participated zealously. As a special treat, the students were given halwa-poori and ice cream. The spirit of festivity and merriment prevailed throughout the day and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



More Eid fun

The preschool also organised an Eid Milan party for classes nursery and kindergarten. There was loads of fun and a rush of colourful ghararas, lehngas, shalwar kameezes and dresses fit to adorn the pages of a children’s fashion magazine.The little ones looked  extremely vibrant, colourful and lively.



Election Campaign

The candidates for the election of the PSI Student Council 2017-18 were announced and the election campaign ensued. The following week saw a hub of activities comprising of speeches, poetry recitation and to top it all a talent show. The talent show that took place on Thursday 19th September’17 brought out the very best in our students… a side which we hardly see otherwise. The candidates had prepared magic shows and hilarious skits which made the audience laugh their heads off. It was a memorable experience not only for the participants but for the audience, as well.



Election Day 2017-18

After a fun filled week of campaigning, on Friday 20th September the elections were held. All the students, teaching staff, administration and even the support staff cast their vote and the results were announced on the following Monday after a neck to neck competition.




On Saturday 21st September 2017, the Robotics Club took a rocking start. The students from Grade 1-7 were divided into different groups to work on making robots. This not only helped to instill in them team spirit but was also a source of fun.



The new PSI Student Council 2017-18

Head boy: Muhammad Saifullah

Head Girl: Mirat Javaid

Deputy Head Girl: Zahra Ali Imran

Deputy Head Boy: Shayan Waqar


Senior Prefects: Rayyan Deen Shouat, Iman Khan

Junior Prefects: Hans Lee, Shahmeer Khan


Senior General Secretary: Mustafa Awais Chaudhary, Ayra Kiron Hussain

Junior Secretary: Raiaab Salman Ajmal, Syed Fasih  ul Hassan Taqvi



Captain: Hafsa Ashraf

Vice Captain: Muhammad Abu Bakar Tariq



Captain: Semira Khan

Vice captain: Abubakar Mustafa



Captain: Anaya Bakhshi

Vice Captain: Fahad Tariq



Congratulations to you all! May you go above and beyond expectations and may you always remain true to your country and to your school. 




PSI Train Ride! 27th Foundation Day Celebrations:

This year PSI decided to celebrate its birthday in an unprecedented way. The students were taken for a train ride from Golra station to Attock Khurd. It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience. The Prepretorians accompanied by their teachers enjoyed to their utmost, catching up with their friends, listening to music, munching on snacks and enjoying the breathtaking view not to mention the picnic and the hike that followed.



Launching of Hopscotch (The PSI Journal)

Our first ever year book, Hopscotch is now in your hands. It is an amalgam of articles, photographs and activities of the children. We hope you enjoy it! (Keeping our fingers crossed!)