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Flashback May 2017



Live History Museum:

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, our little historians of Grade IV set up a Live History Museum at school, showing off their history knowledge and performance skills in front of the entire school. Parents also had the pleasure of witnessing their child’s growth over the term. The children brought legendary historical figures such as, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great and Florence Nightingale to life. The entire event was a phenomenal representation of all the characters that the students had studied as a part of the Grade IV curriculum.

As the natives howled at the sky; symbolizing protest of Columbus’s mistreatment of their sacred lands; team Quaid-e-Azam chanted slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” illustrating the long fight of freedom of Muslim Hindus. King Phillip, Aristotle, Queen Olympia and the storyteller narrated Alexander’s legendary rule to the visitors. In the ‘Live History Museum’ the students truly did bring the characters to life.                                                       

(Contributed by Iman Shoaib) 

Photo Credits for Live Museum: Sonia Ahmad


Canadian Team Mathematics Competition:

The University of Waterloo Canada held the Gauss Mathematics Contest in which the PSI Mathematics teacher Ms. Ayesha Imtiaz made twenty-eight students of Grade VII and two students of Grade VIII take part. Our PSI students performed very well in this activity and anxiously wait to see their result.



Math Detective:

Ms. Zeb Tetley organized a Mathematics activity from Grade I to Grade IV. The students had a mental math drill in which they had to answer the questions in seconds. Students enjoyed this activity, as they had to be prompt and spontaneous in their answers. It was a thrilling activity for the Upper Primary students. The Principal rewarded them for their superb performance on the test with a notebook and pencils.


Lower Primary Personality Awards:

The Lower Primary students were given Personality Awards. The following are the categories for the awards.

 Personality Awards:  

     1.    Excellent Presentation of Work

     2.      Most Helpful and Responsible Student

     3.    Most Well Groomed

     4.    Best Behavior

     5.    Special Talent

     6.    Project work

     7.    Excellent Comprehension Skills

     8.    Extraordinary Retaining Power

     9.    Best Reader

     10.Avid Reader

     11.Star Speller

     12.Math Magician Award



End of the Year Class Parties:

Students from Transition to Grade VII had end of the year school party. After an interesting yet challenging year the class parties came as a refreshing break. Children got their pictures taken, played while enjoying snacks with their peers. They were jubilant over the successful completion of the year.


Preschool Fun Week:

Preschool Teachers planned a Fun Week for their students. The Fun week included spirit days, i.e. Crazy Hat Day, Swimming Day, Costume Day, Baking Day, and Movie Day etc. The children had a great time during the fun week with their peers. What a memorable way to end the year!





Preschool Showcase:


End of the Year Examinations:

Classes of Lower Primary School, i.e. Transition, Grade I, II, III, Upper Primary, i.e. IV, V, VI, VII, and IX and X sat for Final Examinations in the last week of May.


Important Announcements

Summer Vacations:

Summer Vacations dates for the classes are as follows:


Preschool: (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG)     Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lower Primary (Transition, I, II, III):         Friday, June 2, 2017

Upper Primary (Grade IV, V, VI, VII):       Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Grade IX:                                              Saturday, June 3, 2017

Grade X:                                               Tuesday, June 6, 2017