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Inter-House Football Tournament

Endeavour Vs Honour

The second match of the inter-House Football tournament was held on Tuesday 8th April,2014 between Endeavor & Honour. Endeavor started with full force, Rafay Ahmed scored the first goal while Turab Rizvi scored the second one.Despite being goals behind Honour did nnot give up ,and come back with spirit  as Sardar Mikael and Malik Dawar levelled the scores.The pressure had began mounting for both teams,as spectators held their breath. Rafay Ahmed emerged as the savior who led  Endeavor to victory as he  kicked in the last minute wining goal .

Today's match will be played by Courage Vs Honour and will decide who will be eliminated and who will qualify for the finals.House  members on both sides have their fingers crossed. May the better team win!